FIFA Women's World Cup Fixtures 2023

The FIFA Women's World Cup Schedule is an important event that celebrates the progress and success of women's football. The FIFA Women's World Cup is one of the most exciting and highly anticipated sporting events in the world.


The FIFA Women's World Cup Fixtures 2023 is a momentous occasion for women's soccer, as the tournament brings together the best teams from around the world to compete for the ultimate prize. With the last tournament being held in France in 2019, fans of women's soccer are eagerly waiting for the release of the next FIFA Women's World Cup Fixtures, scheduled for 2023. This tournament promises to be another unforgettable experience for fans and players alike. The World Cup schedule for 2023 will see the knockout stages begin on August 7th, with the round of 16 matches being played across four days. The quarter-finals will be held on August 12th and 13th, followed by the semi-finals on August 17th and 18th.

The FIFA Women's World Cup has also been a source of controversy over the years. The 2015 edition, held in Canada, was marred by complaints about the playing conditions and the use of artificial turf, which many players felt was unfair. There have also been concerns about the lack of investment in women's football in certain parts of the world, as well as allegations of corruption and bias in the organization of the tournament.

The cost of tickets for the FIFA Women's World Cup has also been influenced by the format of the tournament. In the early years of the tournament, the format was a knockout competition, with fewer matches and a lower overall cost for tickets. In more recent years, the tournament has expanded to include a group stage, quarterfinals, semifinals, and a final, which has increased the overall cost of tickets. The Women's World Cup has produced some memorable moments over the years, including the iconic celebration of Brandi Chastain ripping off her shirt after scoring the winning penalty in the 1999 final.

FIFA Women's World Cup Schedule 2023
FIFA Women's World Cup 2023

The FIFA Women's World Cup Fixtures 2023 is a significant event in the world of women's football. The tournament attracts millions of fans from all over the globe and provides a platform for players to showcase their skills on the world stage. The schedule is designed to ensure that every team has a fair chance to compete and that fans can enjoy a wide range of matches across the host country. The tournament also provides an opportunity to promote women's football and inspire the next generation of players.

FIFA Women's World Cup Fixtures 2023

No.RoundMatchDate TimeVenueGr
11New Zealand vs Norway20-07-2023 09:00Eden ParkA
21Australia vs Republic Ireland20-07-2023 12:00Sydney StadiumB
41Nigeria vs Canada21-07-2023 04:30Melb Rect StadiumB
31Philippines vs Switzerland21-07-2023 07:00Dunedin StadiumA
51Spain vs Costa Rica21-07-2023 09:30Wellington RegC
91USA vs Vietnam22-07-2023 03:00Eden ParkE
61Zambia vs Japan22-07-2023 09:00Waikato StadiumC
71England vs Haiti22-07-2023 11:30Brisbane StadiumD
81Denmark vs China PR22-07-2023 14:00Perth RectangularD
121Sweden vs South Africa23-07-2023 07:00Wellington RegG
101Netherlands vs Portugal23-07-2023 09:30Dunedin StadiumE
111France vs Jamaica23-07-2023 12:00Sydney StadiumF
141Italy vs Argentina24-07-2023 08:00Eden ParkG
151Germany vs Morocco24-07-2023 10:30Melb Rect StadiumH
131Brazil vs Panama24-07-2023 13:00Hindmarsh StadiumF
161Colombia vs Korea Republic25-07-2023 04:00Sydney StadiumH
172New Zealand vs Philippines25-07-2023 07:30Wellington RegA
182Switzerland vs Norway25-07-2023 10:00Waikato StadiumA
212Japan vs Costa Rica26-07-2023 07:00Dunedin StadiumC
202Spain vs Zambia26-07-2023 09:30Eden ParkC
192Canada vs Republic Ireland26-07-2023 14:00Perth RectangularB
232USA vs Netherlands27-07-2023 03:00Wellington RegE
242Portugal vs Vietnam27-07-2023 09:30Waikato StadiumE
222Australia vs Nigeria27-07-2023 12:00Brisbane StadiumB
272Argentina vs South Africa28-07-2023 02:00Dunedin StadiumG
252England vs Denmark28-07-2023 10:30Sydney StadiumD
262China PR vs Haiti28-07-2023 13:00Hindmarsh StadiumD
302Sweden vs Italy29-07-2023 09:30Wellington RegG
282France vs Brazil29-07-2023 12:00Brisbane StadiumF
292Panama vs Jamaica29-07-2023 14:30Perth RectangularF
322Korea Republic vs Morocco30-07-2023 06:30Hindmarsh StadiumH
312Germany vs Colombia30-07-2023 11:30Sydney StadiumH
333Switzerland vs New Zealand30-07-2023 09:00Dunedin StadiumA
343Norway vs Philippines30-07-2023 09:00Eden ParkA
373Japan vs Spain31-07-2023 09:00Wellington RegC
383Costa Rica vs Zambia31-07-2023 09:00Waikato StadiumC
353Canada vs Australia31-07-2023 12:00Melb Rect StadiumB
363Republic Ireland vs Nigeria31-07-2023 12:00Brisbane StadiumB
413Portugal vs USA01-08-2023 09:00Eden ParkE
423Vietnam vs Netherlands01-08-2023 09:00Dunedin StadiumE
393China PR vs England01-08-2023 13:00Hindmarsh StadiumD
403Haiti vs Denmark01-08-2023 13:00Perth RectangularD
453Argentina vs Sweden02-08-2023 09:00Waikato StadiumG
463South Africa vs Italy02-08-2023 09:00Wellington RegG
433Panama vs France02-08-2023 12:00Sydney StadiumF
443Jamaica vs Brazil02-08-2023 12:00Melb Rect StadiumF
473Korea Republic vs Germany03-08-2023 12:00Brisbane StadiumH
483Morocco vs Colombia03-08-2023 12:00Perth RectangularH
49Round of 161A vs 2C05-08-2023 07:00Eden Park 
50Round of 161C vs 2A05-08-2023 10:00Wellington Reg 
51Round of 161E vs 2G06-08-2023 04:00Sydney Stadium 
52Round of 161G vs 2E06-08-2023 11:00Melb Rect Stadium 
54Round of 161D vs 2B07-08-2023 09:30Brisbane Stadium 
53Round of 161B vs 2D07-08-2023 12:30Stadium Australia 
56Round of 161H vs 2F08-08-2023 10:00Melb Rect Stadium 
55Round of 161F vs 2H08-08-2023 13:00Hindmarsh Stadium 
57Quarter FinalsTBA vs TBA11-08-2023 03:00Wellington Reg 
58Quarter FinalsTBA vs TBA11-08-2023 09:30Eden Park 
59Quarter FinalsTBA vs TBA12-08-2023 09:00Brisbane Stadium 
60Quarter FinalsTBA vs TBA12-08-2023 12:30Stadium Australia 
61Semi FinalsTBA vs TBA15-08-2023 10:00Eden Park 
62Semi FinalsTBA vs TBA16-08-2023 12:00Stadium Australia 
63FinalsTBA vs TBA19-08-2023 10:00Brisbane Stadium 
64FinalsTBA vs TBA20-08-2023 12:00Stadium Australia 

Overall, The FIFA Women's World Cup Schedule is an important event that celebrates the progress and success of women's football. The FIFA Women's World Cup is one of the most exciting and highly anticipated sporting events in the world. The tournament attracts millions of viewers from around the globe, all eager to see their favorite teams in action. The FIFA Women's World Cup Schedule is carefully planned to ensure that every match is played at the highest possible level. The tournament features some of the best teams in the world, with each team playing several matches in the group stages before the knockout rounds.